Best of the Beacon

Wilderness, Nuns, and Hearing God
Jeremy Miller – December 2017

What I Hate
Hans Shenk – November 2017

October! It’s time for Pastors’s (wife) Appreciation (of her church!)
Brenda Eby Zook – October 2017

This Gospel of the Kingdom Will be Preached
Conrad Showalter – September 2017

The Unknown Hunter
Marlin Troyer – August 2017

You are a Pacifist and You Called the Police?
Layton Friesen – July 2017

A Lesson in Respect
Christa Wolf – June 2017

Sociology at RBC: Seeing Ourselves More Clearly
Phil Weber – May 2017

Locally Grown: The Bus Ride
Shirley Nisly – April 2017

Mennonite Identity – Where do People Belong?
Conrad Showalter – March 2017

Faithful are the Wounds of a Friend
Amanda Swartzentruber – February 2017

The Looming Future (Teen Talk)
Hans Shenk – January 2017

When Your Queen Moves Your Cheese
Justin Stauffer – December 2016

Columbus Sits on Our Doorstep…
Vicki Sairs; Reporting by Tonya Slaubaugh – November 2016

Why You Might Consider Not Voting
Jon Showalter – October 2016

The Value of Connections
Joe Byler – CMC Moderator – September 2016

Inching Us Closer to Wholeness
Jason Ropp – August 2016

Something Mean in the World that I Could Not Stop
Vicki Sairs – July 2016

Simple Discipleship
Richard Showalter – June 2016

Parting the Seas: Using the Arts to Reach the Middle East
Esta Felder* (Name changed for security) – May 2016

Faith to Read Nietzsche
Hans Shenk – April 2016

Jeremy Miller – March 2016

Hans Shenk – February 2016

The Hunt
Christa Wolf – January 2016