From the Archives

Welcome to the Archives!

CMC has accumulated a considerable archive of documents, photographs, and audio recordings since its founding in 1910. There is a lot to learn from and enjoy in these words and images of people like us who lived in many of the same places we do now, but in very different times.

The links on this page are just a sampling of resources from the archives. They are here for your enjoyment and encouragement.



2010 Centennial – 100 years of God’s Faithfulness     

Drama – 100 Years of Change – In a nutshell, this play covers 100 years of Amish-Mennonite culture change. The drama was performed at CMC’s annual gathering in 2010.

The Herold der Wahrheit

The Herold de Wahrheit was a church periodical founded by a group of Amish Mennonite leaders “in the interests of the Amish Mennonite Church.” Over the years the churches referenced by the term Amish Mennonite shifted from mostly Old Order Amish in the beginning to a broader collection of Amish and Amish Mennonite churches, of which our conference was a part. Ministers from CMC were directly involved in the publication of the Herold 1917–1955, so it is a significant part of our history as a conference. Each issue included independently edited German and English sections; the early issues only had 4 pages of English, but by 1925 there were 16 pages in each language. This online collection includes all issues from 1912 through 1956.


Audio Files

For many years, the annual conference gathering featured a Conference Sermon delivered by a respected member of the ministerial body. Here are a couple of examples.

1960 – Conference Sermon – Elmer Jantzi

1967 – Conference Sermon – Orie Kauffman

1976 – Sisters’ Meeting – Amelia Swartzentruber