Marriage/Family Relationships


Joe & Naomi Byler



Married (1981-present), raising 12 children

Ministry Experience

Joe: pastor, Oakdale Mennonite Church (1991-present), overseer (2007-present), marriage counseling to couples

Naomi: see entry below


  • Gospel-Centered Marriage (1-3)
  • Gospel-Centered Families (1-4)

Settings – retreats, worship services           


 Naomi Byler
  Pastor’s wife (1991-present), mother, speaker

Ministry Experience – raising 12 children (the eleventh child is starting college Fall ’17), homeschooling (26 years), teaching adult Bible studies and Sunday School, speaking at ladies’ events, training lay counselors, spiritual mentoring to ladies and marriage counseling to couples


  • Grace-filled Living in Personal, Children, and Marriage Relationships (1-3)

Settings – classrooms, retreats, workshops, and worship services (the latter in conjunction with her husband Joe)


 Conrad & Lynette   



Married (1972-present), raised four children 

Educational Experience

Conrad: MS. Ed in Counseling and Guidance (Indiana Univ.); BA in Religious Studies (Ohio State Univ.)

Lynette: MSW (Andrews Univ.); BS in Social Work (Goshen College)

Ministry Experience

Conrad: instructor/administrator, Clinton Christian School (1976-2002); pastor, Siloam Fellowship (1998-2011);
             Beacon editor (2004-present); adjunct instructor, Rosedale Bible College (2004-present)

Lynette: adjunct instructor, Rosedale Bible College (2004-present); private practice counselor

Settings – marriage & family retreats



Married (1970-2013), raised four children                              

BA (Ohio State Univ.); numerous training and internships through the years

Ministry Experience – campus pastor, Wahbon Bay Academy (1971-1978); missionary pastor, Sandy Lake Mennonite Church (1986-1991, evangelist/teacher (1997-present)


  • Marriage Building
  • Intimacy in Marriage
  • The Way HE Works (in Relationships)
  • Dealing with Grief
  • Godly Manhood

Settings – renewal meetings, leadership retreats, widow/widower retreats, workshops, marriage retreats, men’s retreats,
one-on-one intensives with couples (married and pre-marriage)


  Steve & Phyllis Swartz

Married (1975-present), raised two children

Educational Experience 

Steve: MA in Practical Ministries (Cincinnati Christian Seminary); MSW in Social Work (Ohio State Univ.);
           BA in Psychology (Univ. of Michigan); Rosedale Bible College

Phyllis: M.Ed Curriculum Development (Ohio State Univ.); BS in Education (Antioch Univ.); Rosedale Bible College

Ministry Experience 

Steve: pastor, London Christian Fellowship (17 years); conference worker, Conservative Mennonite Conference (2004-present); part-time professional counselor (1985-present)

Phyllis: classroom teacher (30 years); adjunct instructor, Rosedale Bible College (2007-present)


  • Parenting Workshop (2)
  • Marriage Retreat Workshop (4)



Bob Yoder


  Married ( 1970-present), raised two children

Certificate in Pastoral Counseling (Emerge Ministries); internship under John Regier

Ministry Experience – associate pastor, Peabody Mennonite Church (1983-1988); associate pastor, Faith Christian Fellowship
Church (1992-1995); pastor, Dayspring Mennonite Church-VA (1996-2018); marriage seminars and retreats

Settings – marriage seminars and retreats