Multiply Conference Audio/Video


Plenary Sessions:

Session 1: The Gospel: Bigger than You Imagine, More Intimate than You Know – Jeremy Miller
Session 2: Is It Time for Your Church to Recalibrate? – Doug Pollock 
Session 3: Living as Ambassadors: Bringing the Presence of Jesus into Every Arena of Life – Nathan Olmstead
Session 4: Modus Operandi: Led by the Holy Spirit – Keith Byler

God Space Seminar by Doug Pollock

Sessions 1 & 2

Breakout Sessions: (Not all sessions were available for recording)

Track One:

Hospitality in the Home: Come on In! – Joye Miller
Missional Living in the Corporate World – Elvin Stoltzfus

Track Two:

Fine Arts as a Tool For Ministry – Christa Wolf
Sharing the Gospel through Social Media – Jessica Miller
Sports: A Practical Context to See Biblical Principles and the Gospel in Action – Tom Chrysler

Track Three:

Hosting Internationals – Louise Yoder
Evangelism in Latino Communities – Dion & Natacha de Peachey, Jaquelina Santos

Track Four:

Creation to Christ – Lyn Byler & Matt Pennell
Effective Storytelling – Hans Shenk

Track Five:

The Role of Apologetics in Evangelism – Reuben Sairs
Session 1, Session 2, Session 3

Track Six:

50 by 2030 Church Planting Vision – Larry Kaufman, Ron Embleton

Track Seven:

A Kingdom Perspective on Political Affiliation – Shawn Otto



Women’s Fellowship Program (Due to technical difficulties, the first two morning sessions are not available.)

Unquenchable FaithSession 3 – Carol Kent
Turning Fear into Faith
Session 4 – Carol Kent

Men’s Fellowship Program – Friday Morning and Afternoon

Ministry in Word and Song – Part 1 – John Schmid
Ministry in Word and Song – Part 2 – John Schmid

Plenary Session 1 – Friday Evening

Love the Lord with All Your Heart – Dion Peachey

Plenary Session 2 – Saturday Morning

Scripture, Hymns and Prayer

A Taste of Perspectives – Saturday Afternoon

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Plenary Session 3 – Saturday Evening

Love the Lord with All Your Mind – Luke Kuepfer

Plenary Session 4 – Sunday Morning

Love the Lord with All Your Strength


A Palate – Phyllis Swartz
A Poem – Phyllis Swartz
A Story – Phyllis Swartz
A Thread – Phyllis Swartz                                                                             

The Purpose and Mission of the Body of Christ – John Stahl-wert
The Values of the Kingdom – John Stahl-wert
Authentic Identity in and for the World – John Stahl-wert 

Historical Perspective on Women’s Roles – Jon Showalter  
Biblical Case for Complementarianism – Roger Hazen 
Maximizing the Contribution of Women – panel discussion  
Friday Evening Christian Education