What’s My Shape?



The material is arranged in a workbook format and is used for missionary training, pastoral training, or training of believers in a local church.

The notebook contains assessment tools for the following areas: spiritual gifts, heart passion, abilities, personality, and experiences. Each assessment is preceded by biblical background and instructions on how to fill out the assessment. Scores for all the assessments are compiled into one page at the back of the workbook.


1. Since the materials are compiled by Rosedale Mennonite Missions, they fit our theology and practice closely.

2. From CMC’s Statement of Theology, the section on The Church describes believers as “the universal body of redeemed believers committed to Jesus Christ as Lord, and finds expression in the local church in worship, fellowship, holiness, discipline, teaching and preaching the Word, prayer, spiritual gifts, and the New Testament ordinances.”

3. The workbook helps believers find their fit in the body and helps direct them in ministry.The materials seem to be well suited for use in a church membership class, a new believer’s class, or a Sunday school class designed to help believer find their fit in the local church, ministries in the local community, or international ministries.


1. The materials are simple, straightforward, and practical; and are not particularly sophisticated or academic.

2. If assessments were completed with little or no attempt to place the individual in ministries, the person who completed What’s My Shape could be left with feelings of frustration.

To order, contact Rosedale Mennonite Missions at http://www.rosedalemennonitemissions.org/