Recommended Online Systematic Theology Options


  1. Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary (GC)

This evangelical seminary, through its Semlink program, offers three sequential seminary level courses taught by a Gordon Conwell faculty member. The cost for each course is $50. There may be additional costs to receive academic credit.

Students taking the course are provided an extensive syllabus. The syllabus details the reading assignments, examinations, online interaction, and teaching practicum required of students taking the course for credit. Non-credit students can do as much or little work as they like.

Students listen to about 25 hours of lecture (audio, not video) for each course. A workbook is available for note taking, which serves as an outline for the course. All lectures are accessed online or are available on CD’s for an extra charge. 

Systematic Theology I covers the authority of scripture, trinity, attributes of God, election, and predestination.

Systematic Theology II covers creation, providence, mankind, and the person and work of Christ.

Systematic Theology III covers salvation and the Christian life, church and sacraments, and death/afterlife/millennium.


  1. Biblical Training (BT)

This online training school offers several levels of training: foundation (basic), academy (some Bible background) and institute level (for pastors and other church leaders). All courses are free but donations are accepted and welcome. There is no academic credit available for these courses. According to the website, all the faculty are handpicked from 16 leading evangelical seminaries across North America.

The Foundations level is very basic for CMC’s purposes.

The Academy level track is designed primarily for laypeople. However, Biblical Training recommends that those without much Bible training take the academy level courses before taking institute level courses. In the academy level, students listen to about 10 hours of lecture. Accompanying the lectures are outlines that can be downloaded, printed, and used for note taking. While the lecture plays (audio, not video) the outline is presented on the screen. There are no required reading assignments, exams, or papers. However, each outline includes recommended readings that accompany the lesson.

Understanding Theology is the academy level and covers the following topics in ten hours of lecture: revelation and scripture, attributes of God, trinity, humanity and sin, Christ, Holy Spirit, salvation, church, and last things.

The Institute level track is designed for pastors and others seeking graduate level education. Students listen to about 27 hours of lecture (audio, not video) for each course. Accompanying each lecture is a complete transcription of lecture. You can access all lectures online.  Systematic Theology I and I cover the following topics:

Systematic Theology I – (27 hours of lecture) Covers cultural contextualization, Calvinism and Arminianism, covenant theology, liberalism/neo orthodoxy/evangelicalism, scripture, revelation/inspiration, inerrancy, canonicity, theism, trinity, attributes of God, angels, humanity, sin, and original sin. Systematic Theology by Wayne Grudem is a companion book for this class.

Systematic Theology II – (26 hours of lecture) Covers incarnation, Christ (4 lessons), atonement, Holy Spirit (6 lessons), salvation (4 lessons), the church (6 lessons), and last things (2 lessons). Christian Beliefs: Twenty Basics Every Christian Should Know by Wayne Grudem and Bible Doctrine by Wayne Grudem are companion books for this course.



Recommended Classroom Theology Options


Rosedale Bible College (RBC)

Rosedale Bible College offers traditional classes in theology at the college level. Tuition is $280 per credit hour. Currently they do not offer online classes.

Survey of Bible Doctrine I – (3 credit hours) Covers revelation, God, humanity, and Christ.

Survey of Bible Doctrine II – (3 credit hours) Covers sin, salvation, Holy Spirit, the church, and last things.